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      Product List
      Contact us

      Dear Customers:

      Thank you for visiting our company web site, if you have any opinion and suggestion, please contact us. Wish we have a happy cooperation!

      Sinkiang Nitrate Minerals Co., Ltd.

      Add.: Naderuoshui Hotel, No.

      738, Xingfu Road, Shanshan County, Turpan,

      Xinjiang, China

      Factory address: West of 49km of Shaer Lake

      Road, Qiketai Town, Shanshan Town, Turpan

      City, Xinjiang, China

      Tel: +86-995-6279672

      Fax: +86-995-6279672 

      E-mail: xjxsjfgs@163.com

      Website: www.papendiaye.com